Right Said Shed

The last couple of weeks have been less gardening and more sorting out the infrastructure, at least on the few days where it hasn’t been pouring down with rain. The idea of getting the ‘lawn’ area done first kind of went out the window because of various things that need to be fixed first (some of the wall needs repairing, there’s a big stump that has to go and we don’t have a working chainsaw currently, etc…)

Mum changed her mind on where she wants her shed, too- it was going to be on the ‘lawn’ but will now be going in a bare-ish patch around the side of the house. Well, bare apart from one dead tree and various other stumps… sob, more stumps. So I’ve spent my time clearing up that area ready for the shed.

…and after

The garden paths also needed tackling as they’d basically disappeared under grass. While I like things to look overgrown, everyone was tripping up and slipping on the grass so it needed to go for safety’s sake. Also the drainage channels along the side were utterly overgrown and we don’t want floods (I would like a pond eventually, but I’d also like to choose where it is!)

There’s a path under there somewhere.

The pics above show the before-and-after of prying up about ten bags full of grass and dandelions. Sorry dandelions… you’re welcome elsewhere, promise.

The slabs need re-cementing and I’ve got to replace the old chippings. But at least for now you can SEE the paths.

The trouble is I feel like I’ve been doing more pulling up and destroying things than actually putting anything together- baby steps, I know, but I wanted to actually GROW something. So I’ve planted some wildflower seeds in trays in hope of having some plugs to plant later in the year when there’ll hopefully be a place ready for them.

Primrose and Field Scabious

….I have no idea if these will grow or not. But I wanted to do something garden-y.

One of the other seed packs I bought that I’m going to plant once I find another tray is Dog Violet. I had a thought that they’d be nice under the bushes in the side garden, if that’s going to be a wildish ‘woodland’ area. The seeds arrived yesterday, and that morning I glanced down at the spot I was thinking of eventually planting them out…

Garden: I heard you liked violets.

A tiny splash of purple and a ‘NO WAY!’ from me. There are a couple of dog violets already growing there, presumably having arrived all by themselves! I guess my instinct was right- and hopefully this means any more that I plant will grow well in that area.

The problem is they’re right next to the Suspicious Bluebells. I’ll have to be really careful not to squish the violets if (and it’s looking increasingly likely) that I have to dig up the bluebells. They’re showing buds now so I’ll know soon!