So much digging

Okay so…. confession, I’m basically a soft nerdy marshmallow shaped person. Part of the appeal of this garden project is, y’know, getting some exercise.

And I’ve definitely been doing that. If I wanted to be able to order hedging by the end of March, I’d have to seriously get going.

As I mentioned in the previous post, this is what I started with in February:

After a couple of afternoons attacking it with a rake and shovel, I managed to get it down to this.

The problem was, the whole area was solid roots and stumps! It looks like there had been something of a hedge along here already. There was one existing bush (pieris? I think), the stump of which you can just see in the first photo. But as I cleared the grass away I found lots of other buried stumps that had to be dug out, some of which were bigger than my head. So it didn’t go as quickly as I’d hoped!

About 1/3 of the dug out clumps. Oof.

But once that was done, I was ready to start filling in all the resulting holes and– oh wait. This is Wales. And Mother Nature had some words to say about that.


….The Beast From The East put a stop to any garden work for a few days. On the plus side, the snow and ice probably helped to kill off any remaining grass in there! At least I hope so.

The snow was pretty at least! And it did hide some of the junk piled around the garden for a while.

Luckily the snow didn’t last too long, so I was able to tidy up the terrace a bit and even it out by using some of the soil from the furthest tier where the garage is going to be. (MORE DIGGING! And a big thank you to my mother for helping rake it in while I was wrestling a very rickety wheelbarrow full of topsoil).

So here’s where we are as of yesterday! I think it’s about ready to plant. Once the conifer is out of the way anyway. (You might’ve noticed them gradually disappearing. They’d grown through their planter and were going to become a big problem, so are being relocated. Mum hates them, dad likes them, I’m not really a fan… so they’re getting repotted and moved elsewhere as a compromise. I’m not sure if they’ll survive but we’ll see.)

I haven’t bothered clearing off the moss from the edging; can’t really change the concrete blocks, and I think the moss looks better than cleaned blocks would. As well as being a little habitat for insects.

The area is now covered up with black plastic to try and prevent weeds, ready for when I get the hedge plants! And I’m going to make another cup of tea as I’m still sore from all the digging…

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