Gardening: level 1 newb

Umm, hello! I guess this is a thing, then.

I never thought a gardening blog was something I’d ever do- the ‘garden’ at the current family home is a concrete car park except forĀ a smallish raised bed that, until the middle of last year, was mostly just used to pile firewood on.

So this is all a little weird to me. My family and I are currently in the process of moving to a house with a large garden- by my standards anyway- and I’ve sort of taken responsibility for it. I’m starting this blog to help motivate myself and… well, given my utter lack of experience with this stuff? There are probably going to be some hilarious mistakes, tears and tantrums along the way here.

I’m both excited and intimidated to get going! Excited because I’ve always wanted a wildlife garden full of bee- and bird-friendly plants, and maybe a pond. Last year I tried to make something of that little raised bed and caught the gardening bug pretty badly, even though I didn’t really do that much.

Intimidated because this is a really huge project to take on and honesty I haven’t a clue what I’m doing. The garden hasn’t really been maintained for a long time, and it’s going to need a lot of work and TLC. Here’s the state it’s in right now….

Overgrown and a bit sad. Unfortunately the top level is shortly going to disappear under a garage (ugh) but the rest is still going to be an undertaking! (There’s also the side area and front patio to eventually sort out, not pictured here.)

I’m going to be taking it one terrace section at a time, clearing and replanting with native plants (where possible) as time, weather and budget permits. I’ve got no idea if that’s the right way of doing it, but it’s the plan for now. It’s not going to be the most glamorous or perfect garden- the existing layout will be staying and I’ll be reusing/recycling as much as I can- I’m well aware that my ‘after’ is going to look a lot like a serious gardener’s ‘before.’ That’s okay, though. I’m much more interested in planting for wildlife than perfect flower beds!

Hopefully it’ll work out, but either way I’ll be posting my adventures in bumbling and googling my way through growing things here. I’ll also be posting smaller updates on Instagram!

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